Balloono is a game that involves monkeys killing each other with water balloons. A maximum of six users can play. Each player has a different color monkey which can be customized by purchasing accessories at the OMGPOP Shop. The game is very similar to Bomberman, and is based on the same basic gameplay formula.

The objective of the game is to be the last monkey standing. This is accomplished by defeating your opponents with water balloons. There are three power-ups that, when collected, improve your monkey's ability.

Speed Increase

This allows your monkey to move faster.

Balloon Increase

This allows your monkey to lay more balloons as more of these items are collected.

Range Increase

This allows the explosion from your balloons to extend farther.

Once you are splashed, your monkey is trapped in a bubble which can be popped if touched by another monkey. If not touched, your bubble pops after 5 seconds and you can resume playing. You can also buy a pin for 700 coins to pop your bubble instantly. If you are touched in your bubble, you die and you can roam around the arena as a ghost monkey while the other users continue playing. As a ghost, you are not affected and cannot affect anyone, with the exception of buying a ghost bomb that lets you use a bomb to try to defeat the remaining opponents (for 200 coins).

Sudden DeathEdit

If time runs out, sudden death starts and blocks fall from the sky. If a block falls on you, you don't go into a bubble and instead immediately die.

Tips and Tricks (by callmemabeyXD)

  • Trap an opponent by spamming balloons when they're in a closed area.
  • Stay as far away from other monkeys after the game starts. You'll get more power ups and you won't get trapped by other monkeys easily.
  • Be careful when placing your balloons. Think about it: Will this player be able to trap me if I place a balloon here? Will I be able to trap a player this way? Watch your balloon placement.